Yomi Kamoike

Japanese Tattoo Artist in Paris


I'm a self taught Tattoo artist and illustrator. I studied drawing and tattooing technique for many years on my own. Then in 2011, I moved to Tokyo to work at Last Gate Tattoo with Washun. I established myself in 2014 and now work from a private studio in Tokyo.

In May 2018, I moved to Paris and i am currently looking for a studio to work with.

I regularly travel to Europe and Asia to work. So far I worked in Lyon and Paris, France, in Hong Kong and Taipei but am always looking to expand horizons. If you are interested to get tattooed on a next trip, get in touch.

The studio is apointment only. To set an apointment or ask a question yomi.kamoike@gmail.com.

Guest dates


  • 18-23 November: Art Tribal invitational, Lyon
  • 17-20 Octobre: L'aiguillette, Vannes
  • 18-23 September: Buzz tattoo, Rennes
  • 17-19 Mai: Rennes convention
  • 1-3 Mars: Carcasonne convention
  • February: Tokyo guest
  • 13-14 Janvier: Vannes convention


  • 26 sept-1 dec: Art Tribal invitational, Lyon
  • 5-7 October: Nantes convention
  • Septembre: Quimper convention
  • Juillet: Marquis l'Original, Lyon
  • Mars: Ibizaink, Taipei, Taiwan


  • Novembre: Lotus Tattoo, Hongkong
  • juillet: Marquis l'Original, Lyon
  • 20-21 Mai: Chengdu convention, China
  • Avril: Lotus Tattoo, Hongkong
  • 14-20 Fevrier: Ibizaink, Taipei, Taiwan

Get in touch

You can email me at yomi.kamoike@gmail.com to make an apointment or a ask a question.